Fun competition

Closeup of a copper rivet on blue jeans.

Closeup of a copper rivet on blue jeans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found out today that money supermarket are holding a competition for ideas on ways to save a pound. If your interested in having a go check it out at :

I decided to have my own go and think of ways I could save and be a bit creative. I brainstormed with friends and we decided to have a go at a few fun free things.

here’s how we got on

1) Make do and mend. Instead of buying new clothes we decided to get out the sewing kit and repair the strap of our tired bra’s and mend the rips by patching the knee’s of our jeans giving our clothes a new lease of life.
This worked well we used spare swatches which are free from many fabric shops. This allowed us to customize our patches and jazz up our jeans. Saving between £5 and £20 for a new pair of jeans.

2) someone suggested having a clothes swap. we didn’t do this as no-one is quite the same size however it is a fantastic suggestion for getting a new wardrobe without breaking the bank. It reminded me of when I went through my swishing stage and a useful site for swapping, buying and selling clothes : . I used this a lot. Not only do you get some fantastic handmade creations but you can also get rid of the outfits at the back of your wardrobe. You know the one’s that you have no intention of wearing again but can’t part with as you have only worn once.

3) Be a tourist for the day. Have you ever wanted to do something new but don’t have any money so are stuck at home. See things from a fresh perspective and imagine what it must be like to be a tourist. You can go for a walk down the high street without buying anything instead noticing the architecture. take an interest in your local community what activities are advertised. why not head along to the park or open grass space and have a picnic. play a game. lay back and cloud watch. for a few hours relax and appreciate what the world has to offer. with a bit of imagination you can have a fantastic free day out.

4) ask for a rain check- when you go to a supermarket and they have an offer on such as buy one get one free but there is none of the item left in stock go to the customer services and ask for a rain check on that offer. This means that you can then save the offer for another day when they do have stock in. Many supermarkets do this and it is definitely worth asking.

These are just the ones we tried. if you have any ideas why not submit them to money supermarket or leave a comment so we can all share.


2 thoughts on “Fun competition

  1. Can we have make your own pasta? And forage for the additional ingredients? Or have your own little herb garden on the windowsill? These are ways to invest and save money long-term.

    • Hi Ezy, a post about basic pasta is up but i will stick some pasta variations up later. there will also be a post later with some suggestions for edible plants. hope this helps

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