Grammer Girl

English: Wooden toadstools in Coed Moel Famau ...

English: Wooden toadstools in Coed Moel Famau There are four wooden toadstools at the side of the forest track here. They are labelled A,B,C and D. I assume that they are associated with the numeracy (and literacy?) trail that has been set up in Coed Moel Famau. See also 1249929 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After attempting a few of the literacy and numeracy practice tests for the QTS exam I decided I needed to do a bit more revision. Thankfully, I have a year to master the art of grammar and punctuation before I take the dreaded tests.

I already own the recommended books, but want some more practice without having to pay anything. My aim is to test a few numeracy and a few literacy websites that aim to help with key skills whilst working through the books.

The official site is: – numeracy practice test and resources  – literacy practice test and resources

The first sites I am going to try is  – a basic literacy site with tests^AF4^xdm005&gclid=CNKG8tmYibcCFWXJtAodU3QAxg  – an online game app for maths and english  – a key skills site that requires a free login but provides feedback

and – a website for teachers or those hoping to become teachers.

I will document my success and failures here. anyone who has any suggestions please do share or let us know how you yourself get on too.

Best wishes for the week



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