May’s Jump Off The Ladder Challenge

Flickr today

Flickr today (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I found an amazing challenge that I am going to attempt to undertake. This involves jumping off the social ladder and then learning to live with just the things you need leading to less stress and commitment. More info can be found here:  according to

Today is the first day of the challenge as per the rules

I have to remember to check back on the website and record my updates four times:
~ Once during the week of May 12th-18th
~ Once during the week of the 19th-25th
~ Once during the week of the 26th-31st
~ Once on or after June 1st.

According to the blog here is what you have to do:

  1. Enter the Jump Off the Ladder challenge by filling out the form at the top of the right sidebar before May 12th.
  2. Chronicle your progress by submitting updates once a week for the three-ish weeks of the challenge, and one final submission on or after June 1st to summarize your experience (for a total of four updates.)
  3. Win free stickers, and be entered in a drawing for a t-shirt!

How easy is that?! Now for some quick reminders about the criteria for the challenges.

Choose from one of the following “umbrella” categories:

  • Possessions
  • Time
  • Money

Design a personal challenge for your selected category. Some examples of personal challenges include not eating out (money), cutting all time commitments other than family and work/school (time), or living on only one or two pairs of shoes (possessions). Get creative, but remember that jumping off the ladder involves making a dramatic, scary, and possibly uncomfortable change for 20 days. If at the end of the 20 days you decide to go back to your status quo, that’s fine. Just be prepared to be pleasantly surprised by your success!

So there you have it. How easy is that? You can tailor the challenge to your own needs.

I am going to concentrate on Time and Money. I want to slow down and reclaim my time for myself. I also want to spend less money on processed food and supermarket shopping. Instead I want to use the few local shops more often and try making more food from basics.

I will update you on my progression. Support and feedback is as always appreciated. Why not  check it out for yourself at:


One thought on “May’s Jump Off The Ladder Challenge

  1. Too far, just too far. How scary would that be? Jumping off the ladder completely? A nice ideal but you have to be brave. I hope you succeed. I might try living with just two pairs of shoes for 20 days (oh wait, that would be very easy). Try foraging for ingredients and cutting out the supermarket for your shops, it is too easy to fall into the trap of ‘convenience’ food.

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