Mango Madness

When I went to the shop they had mangoes reduced from £2 to 40p each. I love mango and at this point got carried away buying three instead of just one. So here is what I decided to do with my mango’s:Mango Madness 001

1)      I decided to have a go at making Aamras suggested by : I got the recipe from

Aamras is very easy to make you blend a mango, add the flavouring of your choice, mix together then chill in the fridge before eating with puri or rice. I am going to be trying mine with cinnamon and rice.

I found a recipe for puri here with pictures for anyone who wants to try making their own puri:

2)      Next I had a go at Mango curd suggested by recipe taken from You add the fruit of one mango, 1/3 of a cup of sugar, 3 tbsp citrus juice and a pinch of salt to the food processor. Blend. Add 4 egg yolks ( I use the whites to make omelette). Blend again for about 15 seconds. Pour contents into a metal bowl. Place metal bowl above a saucepan of boiling water (not touching the water). Stir until mix starts to thicken. Take bowl off heat and mix in ¼ cup of butter. Then place in the fridge overnight. Once set it is ready to top toast or bind cakes.

Mango curd about to go in the fridge

Mango curd about to go in the fridge

You can find a video of my attempt here


3) Finally I made Chicken and mango curry. I used my final mango and 3 chicken breasts. Both sliced.  I cooked 1 sliced onion and my chicken in a wok then added the mango and a tin of tomatoes. I added a tiny bit of coconut some chilli, cardamom and a teaspoon of curry powder. Stirred everything together and cooked on a low heat whilst I made rice. Once the rice was cooked I served the curry and enjoyed. I hope you enjoy too.


5 thoughts on “Mango Madness

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  2. Reblogged this on Affordable Living and commented:
    Mango Curd, who would have thought of it? Although having thought about it and watched the video I think lots of things could be turned into a curd type thing and then put on toast. And I do like things on toast. So perhaps off to the kitchen I go. 🙂

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