Resource review

In my last post on teaching I decided to test some of the different resources available to revise for the QTS skills exam. I struggled to find any official QTS website so concentrated on basic skill sites instead. If you missed it you can check it out here:

I noted that I would examine the following sources:

1)  – a basic literacy site with tests

2)^AF4^xdm005&gclid=CNKG8tmYibcCFWXJtAodU3QAxg  – an online game app for maths and english

3) – a key skills site that requires a free login but provides feedback

4) – a website for teachers or those hoping to become teachers.

Here’s how I got on:

1)      Grammer Monsters a basic literacy site with tests. It is a down to earth easy to navigate site with plentiful information on the structure of the English language. This basic guide was just what I needed to get to grips with the ins and outs of adjectives and adverbs. I am now far more confident about my use of language and ready to progress to more complex grammar. I might even (possibly) have another go at the official literacy practice test.


2)      An online game app for maths and English. Despite the enticing image and description of this product I did not test it. This I due to the need to download it and my aversion to downloading anything that isn’t from a 100% credible source. It may have been the best resource however I do not know. Instead I contented myself with the other resources, the contents of my university library and the suggested reading for QTS revision.


3)      Key skills 4 you a website with a free login and provision for feedback. This website has audio explanations with the option to test yourself. There is the option of training or testing. Training teaches the basic skills for ICT, maths and English. I really enjoyed this resource and found the use of interactive tools very helpful in remembering all the new skills. It was especially useful as you could change your preference of font size, colour and background colour making it easy to read. I am going to continue using this, especially for maths, as I continue to progress towards my exam.


4)       A website for those hoping to teach. I liked this site as whilst it did not provide any resources it did provide moral encouragement and the chance to interact with other students in the same situation. I would definitely recommend this to anyone going into teaching.


So that is my short review of four resources available online for anyone who wants to brush up on their literacy or numeracy. Please do share if you have found a useful resource.

Hope you are having a fabulous week.



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