Free legal resources; reading and films.


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Hello nice to be back. Sorry it has been a while since my last post I have been busy with end of term chaos. For this post I decided to write about the availability of free books on the internet.

I have just got a new tablet so have spent several hours creating a collection of books for different purposes. However you don’t need a tablet to access these books just access to the internet.

If you download the amazon kindle application there are thousands of free books available. Not just the classics. Some are specifically published free for kindle. Some are free when first made available however then the price goes up. So if its free its worth grabbing it whilst you can.  The best thing to do is type in any key word and then tell amazon kindle store to order it cheapest first. There is usually about a hundred pages of free books available at :

I may have got slightly carried away and downloaded 700 free books yesterday.

For those of you who have a tablet but can’t access the kindle software I recommend Aldiko.  This allows you access to feedbooks who have a variety of books written just for them and made available for free. Their website can be found at they are fantastic with free original and classic books. The ordering isn’t always as consistent ass amazon but its worth bearing with for some truly awesome free reads.

Then for those of you who like romance books check out just read the description first as there is a selection of teenage and adult romance. Depending on your preference of graphic detail and avoidance of sex I suggest checking the category before purchase.

There is loads of websites that offer free reading; both online and available to download to your laptop so don’t miss out.  The latest sight I have found is which I will be testing out in the next week or so. Also don’t forget anything out of copyright is often available free online.

I use sight such as for out of print academic texts. There is also which has a range of out of copyright resources including films. These are legal ways to pass the time. I particularly love the films found on as they are often a bit different from the mainstream genre.

If you have ideas of where to get free films and books legally why not share. It is always nice to support the websites that give something back by sharing with friends.

Until next time I wish you a fabulous week.

Best wishes



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