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This post relates back to my earlier article about free resources. Once something is out of copyright it is free to legally download and use as you will. In this post I concentrate on free music resources.

Of course if you are happy to listen to music online there is always YouTube and Grooveshark. However when you want music to add as a background to your own videos or would like something to download for free there are alternative choices. Here I research the possible choices for free music without infringing on copyright.

The first website I found on searching Google for free out of copyright music was this is run by volunteers and anyone can use the music for their own purposes. There are some beautiful pieces on the site which you can download.

The second site : is fantastic. It allows you to build your own playlists. Not all music is out of copyright. However it is in the creative commons, therefore is free to download and use for projects.  It is a well-built site easier to search than the first it gives you easy access to information about the artist and suggests similar songs that you might like. You can also download or save your playlists. There is easy access with the possibility of login via Facebook or Twitter for those who don’t want to fill in loads of forms. I love some of the free songs such as which allow you to try out new artists and then donate or buy their album if you enjoy their work. Artist appreciation is an important part of keeping legal music free. Even if that’s just sharing with a friend.

The third and final site Of course there are more sites out there but this is just an example of how easy it is to legally get hold of music to use in your own non-commercial projects. This site lists some of the ways you can tell if it is legal to use music online.  It is free to use (as are the above two). It has fewer songs than the other two sites. Yet it is categorised into themes. You can try before downloading and there is a simple as well as more complex version of the same theme for different uses.

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction into the world of free online music and give it a go for yourself. It is truly amazing the amount of free resources out there. It’s just a case of exploring, undertaking your own adventure and learning. Double check your source as although the music itself may be out of copyright. Depending when the version you are using was produced the artists or musicians may still be under copyright. Also like with the second website on my list, many artists offer their music without copyright for use on non-commercial projects and for personal use.

Have fun and enjoy. Don’t forget to share your own experience of free resources.

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