Bean and Barley Goulash

This a fantastic frugal recipe not just for vegetarians



Superhealthy, meatfree and frugal this concoction of pulses and grains is filling and tasty.

I always use dried pulses but understand that many people find them a pain with overnight soaking and preboiling to remove toxins which is an essential step to remove toxins. I simply buy a different bag of beans most weeks and batch cook the entire lot in one go then divide it into portions and freeze, a bag of mixed is useful too. You could simply buy tins of ready to use beans and I have seen some rather nice vacuum packs of Tuscany mix which would work perfectly for this dish. Pulses are a great source of protein and can be used regularly in place of meat which will reduce your food bill no end as well as reduce your fat intake. Pulses were used a great deal in wartime cooking when meat was rationed and remains…

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