christmas countdown begins. the importance of gift not present giving

Its not even December but for many the Christmas countdown has already begun. Shops are selling Christmas related goods and adverts such as the coca cola ‘the holidays are coming’ Christmas reminders are starting to gear up.

usually i like to have all my  Christmas shopping done way before December and I know many others try to do the same out of a desire to avoid the maddening crowds.

Trying to find that perfect gift can be time consuming and expensive. for this reason  try where possible to make my own gifts. which is possible with a bit of thought, patience and not too many materials.

My sister sent me this link and i had to share as it is about giving gifts not presents. Instead of buying something spend time with someone. It will be much appreciated.

I’m sure you will agree.


Fungus Foraging or A day outside in the fresh if damp air.

English: fungus

English: fungus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fungus Foraging or A day outside in the fresh if damp air.

Last week I got invited to attend a fungus foraging course at my local woods. I was very excited by the prospect and after a bit of organising managed to get a lift to the start point.

It was a wet day but the tree’s afforded plenty of shelter from the rain. I was surprised and delighted by the turn out. There must have been 40 of us who had dug out wellies and braved the weather to explore the outdoors.  Other than me there were plenty of families many with children. It was fantastic to see how excited the kids were at the concept of searching for and identifying something so basic and often overlooked.

We searched for about an hour covering only a small area. Then retreated to the car park to display our finds on a trestle table and ask the expert questions about our finds.

Personally I was surprised by the vast variety of fungi we found in such a small part of the woods.

I had a very enjoyable day and would go to other events at the forest in future.

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Jelly bean mushroom

jelly bean mushroom jelly bean mushroom

Jelly bean mushroom

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Bonfire alternatives

Happy bonfire night. the 5th of November is celebrated every year in recognition of Guy Fawkes’ thwarted attempt to blow up parliament.

The weather as usual is cold and the nights are getting darker perfect for firework celebrations.

This year we  decided to use an alternative to sparklers as not everyone is comfortable with close range fireworks.

our alternative : glow in the dark bubbles.

we mixed bubble mix and the contents of a glow stick in a bubble  wand for supper awesome fun.

very easy to make why not have a go.

Sunset November 5, 2006

Sunset November 5, 2006 (Photo credit: Whipper_snapper)

(pictures to follow)