The world is what you make of it so let’s make it the best. =D


Kindness (Photo credit: -RejiK)

The kindness of friends and their friends.

I was helping a friend to pack this week. It feels like I’ve been doing this a lot lately. Everyone is finishing their degrees and packing up ready to re-join the real world.

Anyway, one of the things I have found is that as I help people pack they often want to throw out things that are perfectly usable. I hate waste and so offered to run a few trips to the charity shop for anything still usable. Some of these things for example a pair of well-loved trainers were beyond even the charity shop but I offered to give them a home as I love to make do and mend where possible.

To that end this week I have acquired: a new feather duvet with cover and two pillows for the guest bedroom, This will be seriously appreciated when the weather gets cooler as there is no heating in the spare room; Two pairs of loved trainers which although well-worn and battered will be usable with a bit of basic DIY; Some unloved posters which I will pass on to new student in September to help them feel more at home; An unopened bag of tropical granola and three bags of stuff for charity.

I would help my friends regardless but I love the fact that we help each other and keep things out of landfill that little bit longer. Through avoiding the need to buy new things and making other peoples day by working out who would benefit best from items that would otherwise be binned we share the kindness that is often reserved only for close family. For this reason my friends are family and almost strangers are our friends. We keep an eye on those who we see but do not know and try our best to support one another in our community. Even if it is only little things such as saying hi and offering a cup of tea we try to watch out for each other and share some kindness in this world.

The world is what you make of it so let’s make it the best. =D

Best wishes