Last minute Christmas chaos

Last minute Christmas chaos

Christmas is approaching in fact its only 3 days away. It’s a bit late to be suggesting ideas for presents, wrapping or organisation however many of us will still have last minute preparations to complete and people to visit before new year’s eve.

I have been asked to remind you by subject A that when in doubt there is always the option of the 24hr petrol station. Who doesn’t love a free bumper sticker or windscreen cleaner?

For those of you who still need gift ideas here are a few of my favourite easy to make pressies:

Personalised crokery -Anything from a mug to plate to bowl can be customised using a sharpie marker and 30 mins in the oven:

  1. To start you need a white mug some sharpie markers I use black for writing quotes but colours are fine too.
  2. Design- anything you want draw or write make it personal to you and the person your gifting
  3. Pop it in the oven whilst cold (it needs to heet gradually to prevent cracking)
  4. Turn the oven to 175C or 350 F
  5. Leave the mug in the oven for 30 mins
  6. turn the oven off leaving the mug in untill cool
  7. Gently handwash, dry and giftwrap.

Cake mix in a jar- put all the dry ingredients for a cake together in a jar make a handmade label with the recipe and instructions and wrap.  My favourite variation of this  which is bread rather than cake in a bottle can be found on messynessychic’s website (link below)

Links – just one website with instructions for personalising your crokery. – another website with instructions and ideas for diy gifts some cute and quirky diy gift ideas.            – recipe by messynessychic for bread in a bottle. – 8 quick gift ideas


christmas countdown begins. the importance of gift not present giving

Its not even December but for many the Christmas countdown has already begun. Shops are selling Christmas related goods and adverts such as the coca cola ‘the holidays are coming’ Christmas reminders are starting to gear up.

usually i like to have all my  Christmas shopping done way before December and I know many others try to do the same out of a desire to avoid the maddening crowds.

Trying to find that perfect gift can be time consuming and expensive. for this reason  try where possible to make my own gifts. which is possible with a bit of thought, patience and not too many materials.

My sister sent me this link and i had to share as it is about giving gifts not presents. Instead of buying something spend time with someone. It will be much appreciated.

I’m sure you will agree.

welcome autumn

its the end of the summer. tomorrow i will be traveling back to wales and hopefully continuing my blog with all the adventures i get up to with my friends. Already a few plans are forming of things we would like to try and people we want to try to reconnect with. after all it is so easy to lose touch with friends when away from the hub of university life despite all the advances in technology.

English: Fallen Autumn Leaves at an Arboretum ...

English: Fallen Autumn Leaves at an Arboretum in the UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes it’s easier and nicer to get back to basics and do things for yourself. pick up the phone or send a letter.

A few days ago i went blackberry picking and today was rewarded with some homemade jam. I am very much looking forward to tasting it knowing i will appreciate it more because i picked the fruit myself.


Blackberry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I decided that a new university year means a new start its back to the books and also trying to stay fit. I often find hat trying to balance study exercise and pleasure is difficult to achieve. it is easy to see friends by arranging to study together however it is more difficult to fit in exercise around studying and find the motivation to undertake it after spending the day working hard.

I am going to be testing an app for  the Iphone and android phones called zombie run in the hope it will motivate me to get a bit fitter in between my library sessions. ( I will let you know how i get on later in the month). if you want to check out my progress it will be available at

Once again thanks for reading.

The World’s Top 10 Most Ridiculously Adorable Baby Elephants


Quick Stepp

My buddy over at  has a blog dedicated to “The World’s Top 10 of Anything and Everything”.  I recently asked him if he’d ever considered doing a baby elephant list.  You see, I’m obsessed with elephants and I’m absolutely batty about baby elephants.  I mean all baby animals are adorable, but elephants are a special brand of cute.  One day I’ll get to meet one of these little guys in person, but for now I’ll settle for the honor of doing a guest blog for Russel and his awesome followers!

Let me first express how very difficult it was to narrow this list down to 10.  All baby elephants are delightfully cute, but in my opinion, as an expert on the subject, these are the best of the best.  Get ready for cuteness overload people!

10- Look at his little elephant face!  His little feet perched on this log…

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Bean and Barley Goulash

This a fantastic frugal recipe not just for vegetarians



Superhealthy, meatfree and frugal this concoction of pulses and grains is filling and tasty.

I always use dried pulses but understand that many people find them a pain with overnight soaking and preboiling to remove toxins which is an essential step to remove toxins. I simply buy a different bag of beans most weeks and batch cook the entire lot in one go then divide it into portions and freeze, a bag of mixed is useful too. You could simply buy tins of ready to use beans and I have seen some rather nice vacuum packs of Tuscany mix which would work perfectly for this dish. Pulses are a great source of protein and can be used regularly in place of meat which will reduce your food bill no end as well as reduce your fat intake. Pulses were used a great deal in wartime cooking when meat was rationed and remains…

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Food Waste Friday

I adore this idea from affordable living. buy less and then what would have been bought can go to someone who needs it instead. I’m going to try this why don’t you try it too?

21st Century Millenial on a budget


Okay, so last week I did this blog post a little later than what I should have. But please forgive me I did not know of this fabulous idea until Sunday, and I did try to recap everything from then till then. So back to the actual post, the point of this is to highlight how much we waste, and hopefully people will take advantage of seeing what I waste and then they may try this themselves. It is making me think about what I throw away and whether there is any possibility of saving this food, or alternatively of me just buying less in future. Throwing away food is like throwing away money. Even if the food was donated to you it still cost some one out there money, and had planning been better that food could have gone to someone who needed it more than me. If I…

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How to make Brownie in a Mug.

How to make Brownie in a Mug..

I  found this at:  and thought it was so awesome I had to have a go. hope you enjoy too.

all you need is 1/4 cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of flour, 2 tbsp cocoa powder, pinch of salt, 2 tbsp olive oil and 2 tbsp water.

Place flour and sugar in cup

Place flour and sugar in cup

Gather all the ingredients

Gather all the ingredients

add chocolate powder and salt

add chocolate powder and salt

add the oil and water

add the oil and water

Mix it all together

Mix it all together

Keep mixing till you have a smooth consistency

Keep mixing till you have a smooth consistency

heat in the microwave for about 1min 40 secs

heat in the microwave for about 1min 40 secs

Lovely war chocolate muffin

Lovely warm chocolate brownie

Sit back and enjoy

Sit back and enjoy

Tip- If the mixture is too dry try adding a tiny bit more water

Tip- If the mixture is too dry try adding a tiny bit more water