My Spring cleaning adventure Part 2.

My Spring cleaning adventure Part 2.

Yesterday I tackled the bedroom with some help. Today I hope to continue cleaning working my way through the rest of the house. Hoping not to miss anything important I am using the help of About Home who provide a handy list of jobs with hints and tips to make sure nothing is forgot.

I tidied the living room again hoovering and removing cat hair from the carpet.

Next I wanted an air freshener to help get rid of the smell of cat. I wanted something long lasting but inexpensive. I also didn’t want anything with lots of chemicals as I am asthmatic and even if I wasn’t natural is better and often cheaper. I googled how to make my own and found an easy to follow recipe on blog 25. all you need is a container you can put holes in, baking soda and an essential oil of your choice.

First I prepared my container, blog 25 uses a mason jar which is very handy but, I had to make do with the contents of my kitchen.

I used an old (washed out) coffee jar with plastic lid. I tried to pierce the lid but I couldn’t manage this with the tools I had at hand. Instead I used an old bobble to secure a bit of fabric with pin holes over the opening. Before putting the fabric over the opening I filled a fith of my jar with baking soda. To this I added 10 drops of vanilla oil to ensure a strong scent. I then put the plastic lid on the jar and shook the contents to mix it together. After this I put the fabric lid over the jar secured with a bobble and found a home for my new air freshener on the windowsill.

(pics to follow)

After this I continued tidying hoovering the sofa cushions and putting away dry washing. My new goal is to ensure washing is put away straight away instead of leaving it on the sofa for days.

Tomorrow I am back at work so the rest of the deep clean is on hold till I have time to continue.

For now I would love to hear how your spring cleaning adventures are going?

Webistes – about home website with spring cleaning list – blog 25 air feshener recipe.


Save the date creation fiasco

Save the Date – DIY date cards

The first step of planning a wedding after booking your venue, the one that informs people of your intentions, is save the date cards.

Save the dates are sent out ASAP asking people to keep the date open in advance. They are available in several different card designs as well as more unique items.  Regardless of if you make your own or buy them, go for something basic or extravagant their main purpose is to provide basic information.

We did research on wedding save the dates and decided as we would later be sending out invites we didn’t want to also send out cards for save the date. Instead we decided we wanted something a bit more unique which wouldn’t end up in the back of a draw and forgotten about.

There are plenty of ideas out there but the two we liked most were save the date bags and magnets.

Magnets can be ordered from vista print with several different designs.

we particularly liked the silhouett wedding designs which can be found here:|191095%2c143762|137|0&uei=190325&ag=true&ssc=1&filter=4%3a10003||1%2c9%3a10013||1%2c3%3a10038||1&xnav=previews&xnid=button_12&rd=2&ref=1&||1%26xnav%3dsearch

However we were unsure of the quality of the magnets and decided we would prefer something homemade and therefore more personal.

We decided that we would make save the date bags.

To do this we bought bags from the clever bagger and persuaded my other half that I knew what I was doing when it comes to fabric transfer.

Turns out it is not as easy as I remember.

I tried a few different methods including using baking paper but eventually admitted defeat and decided to buy fabric transfer paper.

I scoured ebay and managed to purchase 20 sheets for under £5.

This didn’t go as well as planned either. After spending several hours creating a design which could be printed onto the bags and finally figuring out how to flip it so the image was mirrored not only would the design not smoothly transfer but the printer also ran out of ink.

Of course I ordered more ink and had attempt no 2.

This time I created a much smaller motif and again followed the iron on instructions.

The first attempt succeeded and I was elated

I gave my first save the date bag to a friend from out of town who was visiting for the day.

Then I decided to make a few more.

Ironing the patterns takes a few minutes each so I decided to just make four and see how they turned out.

Two turned out fine the other two had the same problem as my original design. The fabric paper would not smoothly come away from the bag without taking the design with it.

Now I have two finished bags and two I am unsure what to do with. However I hope to sort it out next week and will update you on my progress or lack thereof once I have had a chance to play around.


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