Save the dates

Its been a busy few days My sister has graduated , I started a new job and
now have a wedding date. although individually these are pretty awesome
events together combined with the fabulous weather they have put me in
mood where anything is achievable.

Today I finally managed to book our wedding in the church diary. The
official date will be Saturday the 13th of September 2014. Now all we
need to do is send out our save the date cards (post to follow) and
decide on a reception venue before the true fun of wedding planning can

I went to my sisters graduation yesterday. a wonderful experience which made me realise how much we have grown up. We are close in age and now both planning for our life after university (although I still have one year left).

Another big thing was my first day at a new job today. lots of firsts but plenty of opportunity to continue doing new things aswell.

now I am waiting for craft supplies so I can make my save the date cards and post them on thier way.

How has your week been thus far? let s know….

Save The Date Concept

Save The Date Concept (Photo credit: Jerad Hill Photographer)