Save the Bank Gift Idea

Free word art for every occasion

Mothers day has just been and the next occasion I have coming up is my siblings birthdays in april. Sometimes the need to spend money on gifts and going out to celebrate occasions can feel never ending especially when your on a tight budget. So instead of breaking the bank I am going to create home-made presents for the next few occasions. Hopefully more if I have any success. I want to create something unique without having to spend hours working on it. Im all for gifts from the heart which you have spent time and effort making however with three separate birthdays in the next two weeks and very little time to make anything due to working twelve hour shifts I need something simple.

Looking at gift ideas on Facebook swap sites and google I found this website where you can buy personalised word art for any occasion :

I really liked the concept but didn’t want to spend £13 buying something I could probably make myself. So I googled it.

The first helpful website I found belonged to another blogger Maggie. Her website provided instructions on how to make your own word art using a free online engine called Tagxedo.

I decided to give it a go. First I headed over to the website.


Then I clicked on create. Next I had to install silverlight as I am now working on a new (second-hand) laptop.

This took me to the creation engine


Next you need to click load. On the left hand side.Then you can either type in the words you want to use, upload a file from your desktop (perhaps of your favourite poetry) or choose a web address.


For my first trial I chose to use a web address. In fact I chose the address for my blog.

Then I hit submit and waited.

Once you have chosen your text you can change the shape.


I decided to try a dinosaur as they are awesome.

din 1

If you then want to change the colour of your creation use the theme arrow down the left hand side.

If you want to change which words are which colour then clock thee circular arrow next to colour.

If you want to change your text font then you can either select the circular arrow next to font for a random selection or use the arrow to pick a specific option.

The software is nice and easy and best of all free to use. Have a play around until you find something you are happy with.

“Orientation” : allows you to choose the direction that you would like your words to face.

“Layout” shifts the words around

When your done click on the save/share button to either print or save the image to your computer.

Good luck                                            dino blog


Fungus Foraging or A day outside in the fresh if damp air.

English: fungus

English: fungus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fungus Foraging or A day outside in the fresh if damp air.

Last week I got invited to attend a fungus foraging course at my local woods. I was very excited by the prospect and after a bit of organising managed to get a lift to the start point.

It was a wet day but the tree’s afforded plenty of shelter from the rain. I was surprised and delighted by the turn out. There must have been 40 of us who had dug out wellies and braved the weather to explore the outdoors.  Other than me there were plenty of families many with children. It was fantastic to see how excited the kids were at the concept of searching for and identifying something so basic and often overlooked.

We searched for about an hour covering only a small area. Then retreated to the car park to display our finds on a trestle table and ask the expert questions about our finds.

Personally I was surprised by the vast variety of fungi we found in such a small part of the woods.

I had a very enjoyable day and would go to other events at the forest in future.

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Jelly bean mushroom

jelly bean mushroom jelly bean mushroom

Jelly bean mushroom

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The world is what you make of it so let’s make it the best. =D


Kindness (Photo credit: -RejiK)

The kindness of friends and their friends.

I was helping a friend to pack this week. It feels like I’ve been doing this a lot lately. Everyone is finishing their degrees and packing up ready to re-join the real world.

Anyway, one of the things I have found is that as I help people pack they often want to throw out things that are perfectly usable. I hate waste and so offered to run a few trips to the charity shop for anything still usable. Some of these things for example a pair of well-loved trainers were beyond even the charity shop but I offered to give them a home as I love to make do and mend where possible.

To that end this week I have acquired: a new feather duvet with cover and two pillows for the guest bedroom, This will be seriously appreciated when the weather gets cooler as there is no heating in the spare room; Two pairs of loved trainers which although well-worn and battered will be usable with a bit of basic DIY; Some unloved posters which I will pass on to new student in September to help them feel more at home; An unopened bag of tropical granola and three bags of stuff for charity.

I would help my friends regardless but I love the fact that we help each other and keep things out of landfill that little bit longer. Through avoiding the need to buy new things and making other peoples day by working out who would benefit best from items that would otherwise be binned we share the kindness that is often reserved only for close family. For this reason my friends are family and almost strangers are our friends. We keep an eye on those who we see but do not know and try our best to support one another in our community. Even if it is only little things such as saying hi and offering a cup of tea we try to watch out for each other and share some kindness in this world.

The world is what you make of it so let’s make it the best. =D

Best wishes